Review of: The Scorch Trials, by James Dashner

Reviewed by: Claire

After the cliff hanger ending of The Maze Runner by James Dashner, you will want to read The Scorch Trials. It is way more mysterious than the first book. It starts in a building that the rebels of Wicked took the group of teenage boys who used to live in the glade somehow. Thomas, who is the “leader” of the gladers, is even struggling in this new sandy environment; it is hard to survive in a land that you have never seen before. The group of teens is then transported to a desert that had been hit by a sun flare. This deadly desert is home to a town of cranks, people who are slowly going mad from a contagious disease that was formed after a worldwide sun flare. The group, led by Thomas, has been given direct orders to go through the town and continue on a hundred miles to get to the safe heaven where they were told that there was a cure to the terrible disease that has killed over half over humanity, but they are taken as prisoners. Worst of all, Teresa, who was one of the head gladers when they were still in the glade, is taken to be with another group that seems to have gone through the same things that they did, except with girls. Thomas and the other gladers must survive in rough rocky terrain as they learn about leadership, hope, and bravery. It is very thrilling reading about how much the gladers learn to become more tight knit, so that they can complete their goal as a group. 

I was so captivated  by how the story plays out. I really enjoyed the story line and plot,  and how every scene had action and mystery.  It was perfectly done on James Dashner’s part, with all the amazing word play and story line.  My favorite scene is when Teresa was going insane and the people around her were so confused, and when Thomas was going a little crazy over a girl. Although they were different scenes, they really tied the character’s relationship together. The only bad thing about this book is the cliffhanger ending because then are left longing for more like a man in the desert longing for water, but I cannot complain about that trivial detail because the rest of the whole book is done beautifully.

I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of 11. There are some mature scenes and the story line is sometimes a little hard to follow, but if you like adventure, mystery, and an over all amazing book, then you will love The Scorch Trials as much or maybe even more than I did.