Review of:  The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Reviewed by:  Jackson

“Hail King Jaron!”  In the novel The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen, Sage is a clever boy from Mrs. Tubeldy’s Orphanage for Disadvantaged Boys.  Who is chosen along with three other orphans to be part of Conner’s (a nobleman of the court) cunning plan of impersonating Prince Jaron.  Conner is planning for one of them to take the throne so he can make them do what he says and rule as king.  Sagfalse princee and all of the other boys have to train for two weeks to act like Prince Jaron.  Everybody but Sage trains hardbut when Sage figures out that if he isn’t chosen, he will be killed, he steps up his game.   What he doesn’t know is that the others are after him and will do anything to be chosen. Sage must convince Conner that he is his prince in order to live.

I thought this novel was spectacular and very suspenseful.  One reason I liked the novel was that it was so suspenseful that it had me on the edge of my seat.  For example, the author says Conner is going to announce the prince in two weeks.  There was a lot of action in so many places.  When Veldergrath ( one of King Eckbert’s regents) searched Conner’s house for evidence of Conner’s plan, they kept moving through the secret passageways.  Sage learned that stealing is a good survival skill, but it is not the right thing to do.  Overall, it was a wonderful book 

I would highly recommend this book for others.  This book would be great for people who really like suspense.  If you are in the age range of 9-12, you should definitely read this book.  I say this because it is a lower lexile, but there’s some bad language.  Overall, The False Prince was a stupendous book.