johnny-tremainReview of: Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes

Reviewed by: Colin

Ester Forbes’s Johnny Tremain is about a boy by the same name who is bossy and is aprenticed in a Boston silversmith’s shop in 1774. He is the man of the house, he bosses the other the other apprentices, he is the hardest working, and he is very mature. Then John Hancock, one of the richest men in Boston asks Johnny’s master to make him a very detailed sugar basin. However, while making it, Johnny is handed a broken crucible and burns his hand. With his hand burned, Johnny can’t be a silversmith, so he sets off to find a new profession.  He finds a printer’s office and meets a boy who works there named Rab. Rab and Johnny become great friends and Johnny decides to live with Rab and work at the printers office by delivering papers. Johnny soon learns that Rab, and the owner of the printers office who also is Rab’s uncle, help the Sons of Liberty. The Sons of Liberty are a group of people who stand up for freedom from England. Rab’s uncle helps the Sons of Liberty by letting them have secret meetings in his office’s attic. Johnny becomes a Whig, a person who wants to be separated from England, and end up spying for them.   When England tries to set an unfair tax on tea, the Sons of Liberty stop them by dumping all of their tea in the ocean. England does not like that the Whigs destroyed their tea, so as punishment they send soldiers to be quartered in with colonists until they can find out who did it and then fight the colonial army.  Johnny has always wanted to find a true family; has he already found it with the Sons of Liberty?

I thought Johnny Tremain was an outstanding book. I loved how problems came out of nowhere.  Every section had a new problem in it, but it was not always solved such as when Johnny burns his hand.  I thought it was fantastic how Esther Forbes put real people in the book.  There are characters like Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and James Otis.  I was amazed by how well written Johnny Tremain was.  I could almost feel like I was in Boston. This was a phenomenal book that you should read.

I think you should read Johnny Tremain because it is amazing and well written.  People who like historical fiction will especially like it.  I say ages 10-11 because it is so well written, it could be a bit hard to understand.  Johnny Tremain is an amazing book and you should read it.