A fugitive, a rebel, a thief, a pilot, a castaway, and a prisoner of war are all characteristics of Louie Zamperini. In Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, Louie was brought up by Christians then suddenly turned away and started to steal, drink, and smoke. He didn’t have the best childhood you could think of. While stranded in the Pacific Ocean Louie had to become a leader to two friends that were fading away. He became very responsible, determined, he kept his faith, and found hope. When something would happened to the men Louie would always find something good out of it. After being beaten over and over again by the Japanese, Louie changed by trying to help them become nicer and more caring then trying to make them furious. He kept his temper inside of him instead of taking it out on the Japanese which would make things a lot worse. Louie also carries his characteristics from being on the raft to being in concentration camps like keeping his faith and finding hope. Louie would also look on the bright side and always lift prisoners up. He wouldn’t always have a smile on his face, but his heart always found some love for him to give.