Review of:  The Calder Game, by Blue Balliet

Reviewed by:  Jalen

Hours pass, nothing changes. Calder Pillay is a seventh grade boy from Chicago with crazy black hair who is always fidgeting with the petominoes that he keeps in his pocket.  In The Calder Game by Blue Balliett, Calder goes to England with his dad for his dad’s business.  In the village of Woodstock, there is a giant sculpture by an artist named Alexander Calder. Calder is very interested in this sculpture because in Chicago there are many Calder art works and he is named after the artist.  Calder realizes that the town does not like the statue, also known as the Minotaur. Calder tries to get the town to appreciate the statue but it gets out of his hands and he and the sculpture disappear on the same night.  His Dad, Walter Pillay, gets very worried, but his wife is unable to come to England. So Petra and Tommy (Calder’s best friends) get to go to Woodstock, England.  An adult named Mrs. Sharpe is their guide who is a secret agent that allows Tommy and Petra to go anywhere in Woodstock. The last place anyone saw Calder was in the maze so that is where Tommy and Petra look. Will they find Calder in the maze or at all?  

The novel starts off very boring with a lot of history but it ends up OK.  I did not enjoy The Calder Game because there is a lot of parts in the book where it gave too much information, Such as when he went to the museum.  There was also a lot of   extra historical information.  However, The Calder Game is also short and suspenseful toward the end.

I recommend this book to readers who like suspense, mystery, and art.  The age level that would be appropriate is probably 10-12.  I recommend this book for that age because Calder is 13 or 14 and the vocabulary is challenging.