In the book Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, Louie is a real troublemaker.  In the novel, it says that Louie would steal anything that was edible, and he smoked and drank at a young age.  He would react to getting hurt by not crying or anything. Also, the book says he would fight a lot and his relationship with God was not good.  All the bullies wouldn’t try to get him. Louie is very selfish, and doesn’t care what his actions are doing to his family.

As the book goes on, Louie becomes more mature.  But when Louie is on the raft, he prays to God.  At that time, Mac had just died.  I think Louie is building up a better relationship with God, by praying to Him about his situation.  Louie shares his food, helps keep his friends sane, and protects his friends and fellow prisoners of war.  All of this makes Louie the least selfish person I have heard of.

Louie’s attitude about being able to survive anything is the character trait that stays the same between his younger and older self; I think the theme of this book is to stay strong through life’s problems.  This theme means you should be strong in the everyday challenges that life throws at us. Also, you should trust in God for help with the problems.