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Hut! 2,3,4.  In the novel Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes, Johnny Tremain is a fourteen year old silversmith apprentice.  He has to work with two other apprentices that are nowhere close to his skill in silversmithing.  Their names are Dove and Dusty; Dove is fat and Dusty is sharp.  One day while Johnny is working on the Sabbath, he asks Dove to hand him a crucible to get the silver out of the furnace, but Dove hands him a broken crucible.  This causes Johnny to  burn his hand, so he has to find a new job.  He looks everywhere for a job and a family, but ends up working at the Boston Observer delivering papers for Mr. Lorne.  There he meets Rab, a Son of Liberty.  When England taxes the American colonists on tea, Rab, Johnny, and the other Sons of Liberty throw the tea off the ships.   After the Boston Tea Party the colonists and the British go into war.  One of the soldiers for the colonists is Rab.  Will Rab fight and win or will he die?   Rab has always said, “A Man Can Stand Up” .

I thought the novel Johnny Tremain was a fantastic book.  One reason I liked it was  that the author gave a lot of information about the history of our country.  For example, Esther Forbes described how the Boston Tea Party played out and what the Revolutionary War looked like.  I enjoyed the novel because it seemed everything was going so fast.  For instance, the book says Johnny  rode around the colonies delivering papers, and now he’s delivering notes for British officers.  Throughout the story Johnny was trying to find out who his real family was.  Johnny also learned a lot of lessons, but I’m only going to tell you one.  He learned that not everybody has to be perfect.     Overall it was a really spectacular book.    

I would highly recommend this book.  Johnny Tremain would be excellent for people who are interested in history and want to know more.  I would recommend this novel for ages 10 and up because  the story contains a lot of political conflict    and there is war.  My overall opinion is this book was excellent.