If I had to pick a place to go in A Wrinkle in Time, I would pick the planet Uriel.  Uriel is the third planet of the star Malak in the spiral nebula Messier 101.  To get there, I’d have to tesser, or move through space kind of like teleporting.  To guide me, I would pick Mrs.Whatsit, because I love her unusual actions and she can change into the winged hose humanoids that inhabit Uriel.  First, I’d smell the sweet scent on the planet, which is suppost to smell like spring.  Then, I would listen to the inhabitants beautiful songs, because I like music.  Finally, I would climb on to Mrs.Whatsit’s back, and she would fly around as I look at the giant mountains and landscape.  That would be a great experience, and I would share the story with my friends.