Review of: Gregor and the Marks of the Secrets, by Suzanne Collins

Reviewed By: Graham S.

gregor 4 Secret-coverHow many prophecies can there be?!?! Well, there is another one. In the book Gregor and the Marks of the Secret by Suzanne Collins, Vikus and Luxa won’t tell Gregor ‘The Prophecy of the Time.’ He is dying to find out what it says, but they won’t tell him for a good reason; Gregor has to kill the Bane, because he is getting stronger and more powerful and he wants to take over the Underland. The mice have started to go missing, so Gregor, Luxa and others go looking for them, as well as the Bane. Then, they learn the genius and powerful rats have been forcing the mice out of their land, because they hate the mice; the rats want to take over and use the mice to fight on their side against the humans.  Both the rats and the humans want to rule the Underland.  Gregor and the others find about a thousand mice at the bottom of the cliff.  Luxa gets angry and declares war on the rats.  Now that Luxa declared war on the rats, it will be easier for Gregor to kill the Bane.  While Gregor and the others are walking through a cave, they stop and see the rats forcing the mice down a tunnel. The mice try to get out, but they stop breathing, because of volcano gas.  Will Gregor be able to fulfill ‘The Prophecy of Time,’ or are the rats too mighty and will they take down the humans?

This book had great action and suspense.  One of the most suspenseful scenes in this novel was when the rats were forcing the mice down the tunnel and they were trying to get out.   Gregor, Luxa, and others found a dead mouse with the ‘Mark of the Secret’ under him, which meant that whoever saw the mark was supposed to die.  When I was reading this event, I felt scared.  I couldn’t stop reading this book every time I started.  I loved how Gregor started to warm up to Luxa and how they became friends; in the first two books they didn’t really like each other.  I liked how Gregor, Luxa, and Ripred never gave up throughout this book.

I recommend this book to ages 9-14, because it has some confusing words, and there is war, so it might disturb younger children.  This novel was great, so I totally recommend it to kids who are interested in reading.  The Marks of the Secret was fast-paced and interesting.