johnny-tremainREVIEW OF: Johnny Tremain  By Esther Forbes Reviewed By: Erica The beginning of a bloody war for the beginning of a new country. Johnny Tremain, a young apprentice in a silversmith shop, is used to being the head of the house. He’s head apprentice, and is even supposed to marry one of his master’s granddaughters. Johnny longs for a family, for his mother and father are dead. However, when an accident occurs and deems his silversmithing days over, he must learn to give up his childhood dream  of becoming the master of a silversmith shop. His old life ruined by his pride, Johnny must start over. As he is settling into his new life, a war is beginning between the British and the Americans. Bloody battles and rebellion splatter into his life. He becomes a paperboy and delivers newspapers to members of the Sons of Liberty, such as Paul Revere and Samuel Adams. Johnny continues to search long and far for a family and he must show love and transformation to receive what he truly seeks. Johnny Tremain, by Esther Forbes is a perfect book showing the events leading to the Revolutionary War.

I definitely have mixed feelings about this novel. I liked some parts, such as all the action. However, the end was very disappointing, yet very realistic. This book is filled with such detail and history that it really makes me think more about the Revolutionary War; it makes me feel like I was right there, at the Battle of Lexington. I loved how the author used real people who made an impact in the war, such as John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and Paul Revere. Johnny Tremain showed their roles in history in a way that can really can change your thinking about the characters. This book left a mark on me; it left me thinking about the sacrifice put into our fine country.

I recommend Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes to middle school readers who thirst for rich novels about history. It’s extremely action packed and full of many real historical events. The author really does a great job creating new plots, so the readers who enjoy action would love this book. Johnny Tremain was a really well written novel, and  many others will find it to be one of their favorites.