Review of: Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell

Reviewed by: Colin

Do you really know the difficult life of a horse? Black Beauty is a young colt living peacefully in a meadow with his mother Duchess. Black Beauty by Anna Sewell is about a horse by the same name. He, like most colts, has to get used to the bearing rein which is what you put on a horse so that it can pull a carriage. Black Beauty is sold by his mother’s master to a place called Birtwick Park when he is about 4 years old. At Birtwick Park, they do not use the bearing rein, so Black Beauty is willing to work for his master Squire Gordon. Before long the mistress becomes very ill and has to move to the country.  With the mistress gone, Birtwick Park must be disassembled.  Black Beauty and her friend Ginger were sold to a place called Earlshall Park.  Unlike Birwick Park, Earlshall Park uses the bearing rein which Black Beauty has to endure for the first time.  Black Beauty has many owners, some good, some bad and some careless.  Will Black Beauty survive the pain or will his high spirits be overwhelmed?

I thought Black Beauty was an outstanding book.  One thing I was amazed with was how Anna Sewell managed to write a first person book from the point of view of a horse. This idea is so creative and different I would never think of it if I was writing a book. She also did an amazing job describing feelings and personalities; I was easily able to tell how Black Beauty was feeling. She did an excellent job describing the setting so that I could imagine where everything was and what the settings looked like.  Black Beauty is a book I will never forget.

I think you should read Black Beauty. However, people  who like horses would like this book better than others. I think ages 10-12 should read this novel; younger kids would not understand a lot of the scenes and it would probably be too easy for those over 13-years old.  Black Beauty is a fantastic book and you should read it!