REVIEW OF: The Burning Bridge, Ranger’s Apprentice 2 By John Flanagan

Reviewed by: Luke

rangers 2 burning bridge“Who are they?” asked Horace.  “Don’t you know? They’re Wargals,” Evanlyn replied.                   Morgarath, an old foe of Halt’s, doesn’t have any more Kalkaras, but now he has ferocious Wargals and Viking-like Skandians.  In The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan, Will, Horace, and a girl named Evanlyn are out to burn an important resource to the enemy, a bridge. The bridge is for Morgarath and his army. Will and Evanlyn are spotted burning the bridge, so they are captured by Skandians. Horace rides to Halt, Will’s master and a respectful ranger of Duncan’s Kingdom, to spread the news that Will and Evanlyn were captured. Morgarath knows he has the advantage, so he plans to attack Halt, Duncan, and his army. Morgarath is toatlly destroyed by Duncan’s mighty army, so Morgarath retreats. But he challenges Duncan to a one on one fight. Duncan declines, so Horace steps up and takes the challenge. The head to head fight keeps going back into the competitor’s hands  Then someone gets killed! But who? Will and Evanlyn are taken to a dock, then Halt chases after them. He doesn’t want to be separated from Will. Sadly he doesn’t make it in time, and Will and Halt are separated.

This book is extremely exciting. Some of the scenes are boring, but there are also very exciting ones; overall, I think this is a must read book. Will has changed a lot from the first book to now. He is cautious and secretive now. He has learned so much from Halt; he used to be an unknown kid, but now he is a respected Ranger. I still think Halt is my favorite character because he is such an encouraging master to Will. I also love how many crazy, but sometimes frightening, adventures there are in this book.

I recommend The Burning Bridge to anyone and everyone. Well, if you are 11 and up because this book can be mature because of the age of the characters.  If you like a book that has suspenseful adventures, this book is a good fit fit for you. It would also be great for anyone who enjoys reading; I don’t enjoy reading very much, but this book makes me never want to put it down.