Review of: Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan

Reviewed by: Luke S.

rangers 1In Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan, Will is a slender and scrawny teenager who becomes a decently strong and courageous one. He wants to become a warrior because he thinks people will respect him, but he can’t; so a sly and smart ranger takes him in to train him to become a ranger. Rangers are almost like guards because they sneak around the Kingdom and watch out for any danger. Will doesn’t like the training at first, but when he gets himself going he loves it. He loves it because he likes the action he is doing in the training like shooting a bow and arrow and watching out for citizens. Then they find out that Kalkaras are on the loose; Kalkaras are killing machines. They are working for Morgarath; Morgarath is an old foe of Halt. Halt and Will start hunting the Kalkaras, and tracking them down. Finally the two met. I don’t want to give it away, so I’ll just say something big might happen. For Will’s courage throughout their fight, he is offered a spot to become a warrior. Does he take it or not?

This is a very adventurous book with a lot of courageous characters. I really loved all the adventures in this magnificent book.  One really exciting scene was when Will has to be brave and go up against the Kalkara. He has to choose to run or save Halt and charge. Another example is when Halt beats up all the kids who bully Will.  I loved how exciting this book is. I’ve got to say Halt was my favorite character because he is so sly and secretive. He is also a very inspiring role model. Did I mention how adventurous this book is?

I recommend this book for everyone from 11 and up because some things are a little frightening. This book gave me the creeps one night. Ranger’s Apprentice is perfect for people who love Robin Hood. I love how exciting this book is; and if you want to read it, go for it!