Review of: Wonder, by R.J. Palacio

Reviewed by: Bella

wonderSpectacular, wonderful, and tremendous are all words that come to mind when I think of the novel Wonder by R.J. Palacio. Wonder  is about a curious boy named August Pullman, Auggie for short.  August has a very rare facial condition that only one in four million people get. He has been home schooled his whole life and now he is going to Beecher Prep. Middle School.  Auggie always gets weird looks from people, even when he is bdoing everyday things. Little does Auggie know that middle school will bring things he never could imagine. All that Auggie wants is to be a normal boy and to be treated like everybody else. When people first see Auggie they are very prejudice about him.  At his new school Auggie meets several friends: Jack, Julian, Summer, and Charlotte.  Some of those friends are kind and some of them are, well, rude.  Will Auggie ever fit in at his school?

I really enjoyed Wonder.  The author included problems that kids today face, which made it more understandable.Throughout the novel there are sections, and each section is told by a different character.  Auggie, the main character is so unique and has an amazing personality. Throughout the novel Auggie learns that popularity is not important.  The way the author describes Auggie’s personality makes you feel like you are already friends with him. While I was reading, I sometimes felt sorry for the way people were treating Auggie. Overall, I have a positive opinion about this novel, because it taught that friendship is more important than popularity.

I definitely recommend this book to fifth and sixth graders. Boys and girls would  both enjoy and relate to this novel, because both could understand the problems that the characters go through.  Wonder is a fabulous book and it is very easy to love the characters.