Review of:  Walk Two Moons, by Sharon Creech

Reviewed by:  Nicole

Have you ever been on a long car trip and couldn’t sit still because you were dying to get to your destination?  In Walk Two Moons by Sharon CreWalk-Two-Moonsech, thirteen year old Salamanca Tree Hiddle, wants to find her mother and goes on one of the longest car trips that she has ever taken with her grandparents.  Soon after Sal’s mother went to Idaho on a trip, she said she was staying for a bit, so Sal and her dad left Bybanks, Kentucky for Ohio.  Sal wanted to see her mother, so she set off with her grandparents to Idaho.  To pass the time, Salamanca tells the wild story of her friend Phoebe whose mother goes missing too.  As Sal and her grandparents slowly creep their way to Idaho, Sal gets worried that she won’t get to her mother in time for her birthday.  When Sal’s grandma gets sick, Sal has to go the rest of the way by herself.  Sal realizes to be thankful for what she already has and Phoebe’s story helps bring her to that conclusion.  On the trip, Sal seems to find herself and figures out what she wants to see most in Idaho.

Walk Two Moons is an amazing novel that many students  would love.  Sal’s grandparents will make you laugh and you might feel bad for her friend Phoebe because she tries to make excuses to what had happened in her life. I also enjoyed this book because the problems Sal is going through are very realistic and some young kids and teens could relate.  Sal had to move to a new home and at first she couldn’t make friends and that happens in every day life. I was sad at points in the book when Salamanca missed her mom, and I was also confused at the end of the book as the plot unraveled because there are some parts you would not expect. In all, Walk Two Moons is an exciting book that students would have fun with.

I recommend this book to others because it is well written and is a very exciting and interesting novel.  I think girls might enjoy this book more because the main characters are girls and it is about Sal’s journey. I recommend the story for 11 years old and up because there is a minor love story and only a few unnecessary words. Sal also prays to trees, so that may offend some people, but she comes from Native American’s so that is why she does it.  Overall this is a journey that students should take.