al capone homewordREVIEW OF:  Al Capone Does My Homework, by Gennifer Choldenko

Reviewed by:  Erica

In this thrilling book, Al Capone Does My Homework, written by Gennifer Choldenko,  Moose Flanagan is just getting used to his new life on Alcatraz. It isn’t easy, with his father’s new promotion to associate warden and a sister, Natalie, who is strange in her own way. Nothing becomes easier for him when his apartment is set on fire with he and Natalie in it. After a narrow escape, Natalie is blamed. Now, he must worry about proving his sister innocent, and also protecting his father because, as a new associate warden, he is a big target to the convicts. But a jealous guard who wants the associate warden job will do just about anything to prove that Natalie set the fire. On top of all that, a knife goes missing in the convicts’ kitchen, so Moose must watch his father’s back more than ever. In order to get his sister out of trouble and keep his father safe, he must use his head and the clues to crack the mystery. He must learn to use love and sacrifice in order to save the day.

I really enjoyed this book. I liked how the author is always creating new plots throughout the story. When it seemed like the problem was solved, a new one was created. I couldn’t stop reading!  I also liked  how much mystery was in this novel, as well as the history. This book is filled with many secrets. The history comes in because it takes place on Alcatraz. The author refers to real convicts  from the 1900’s that actually were sent to Alcatraz. I was really excited while reading; I couldn’t wait to see the mystery cracked and the problem solved. This book is definitely one of my favorites.

I recommend Al Capone Does My Homework to kids around nine years old and older. I also recommend it to people who enjoy reading mystery and realistic fiction  as well as historical fiction. Readers who like action might like this book, but it’s more about people than adventure. I will be re-reading this book a lot because I loved it so much!