REVIEW OF: Deadly by Julie Chibbaro


What do you do when people randomly die? When you have no idea as to what is causing it and you have no information on the disease that is killing them? Then you make a break through; there is one piece of information: Mary Mallon. In Deadly,  by Julie Chibbaro, a science seeking, 16 year old girl is faced with that very problem. Prudence Galweski is different from other girls. She longs to do more than just be a wife or a cook. Prudence wants to learn about the body and to push her brain to its utmost ability. When Prudence lands a job in a science laboratory her world finally opens up. She is then able to do the very thing that she has longed to do her whole life; figure out a medical case. People are getting sick everywhere, and with no clue how this is happening, Prudence assists the chief of Health and Sanitation, Mr. Soper, in gathering information. After they hit rock bottom, they find one clue; Mary Mallon has cooked for every family that had the disease. In the midst of all Prudence’s new emotions for her boss and her future, Prudence must locate Mary Mallon before this disease becomes an epidemic. Will Prudence get to Miss Mary Mallon in time or will she and everyone else suffer the wrath of the invisible killer?

Overall, I really enjoyed this novel. It was fast paced and brilliantly written. The layout in Deadly was like a diary and since I have always liked that format, that was a definite plus for me. I also thought that this book was easy to follow. The story was very intriguing yet not so confusing that it didn’t make any sense. I loved the way that I felt what the characters felt. If Prudence was anxious, I was anxious and so on. I think that Julie Chibbaro, the author, did a wonderful job on transmitting emotions from the book to the reader.

I would strongly recommend this book. I feel that most girl readers from ages 11 and up would enjoy this book. I would say that the harmful treatment of other human beings in the novel, would not be the best for young readers. It is my hope that anyone who loves a good medical thriller will pick up Deadly and read it till the end.