There are many things that I wish I could do when I read a book but, I must say there is always something that boggles my mind about the character.  I almost wish that I could interview them and ask why, how, or when they decided to act that way or do one specific action.  I would like to ask Jessie from my book Running Out of Time by Margret Peterson Haddix a few questions.

My first question to Jessie would be : how can she handle being so brave? I mean she is only thirteenand for the first time in several years she is stepping out of Clifton, Indiana and stepping in to a whole new world; if you ask me that is a huge change that I certainly, nor any one else I know, would be able to go through.

Question number 2 is: when she knew that they had diphtheria spreading and that they had pills, why didn’t she ask why they were no longer using the pills; I would ask her this because she knew those pills could cure Clifton why on earth wouldn’t she ask her mother especially because her mother is some kind of nurse.

Question number 3: how did she react on the inside when she found out that outside of Clifton it was 1996? I ask this because as said on my first paragraph it must have taken lots of bravery.  Jessie is a girl of great strength  and bravery I would do a lot to interview her for real.