Review of: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Reviewed by: Claire

The title of this book fits perfectly. And then there were no people, no happiness, no struggles, no life.  And There Were None  by Agatha Christie is probably the creepiest book I have read in a long time. Picture this – you’re on an island with nine other people, one of which is an undercover genius/murderer. This murderer is slowly killing one person at a time. Not only this, but you are hopeless and pretty much living in a dreary type of way. There is no hope for anyone on the island because the boat that was supposed to come mysteriously didn’t. Ten people randomly were hired to work at this island, Indian Island, for this millionaire named U. N. Owen. When Owen is not on the island when they all arrive, they start to get worried. What if something goes wrong? Who would they talk to? It isn’t till they have been on the island for a couple days that they realize that U. N. Owen actually stands for Unknown. So, they are on a island without supervision with an unknown murderer and they have no ways of getting off the island. Wouldn’t you be freaking out? I sure would. I have to give this author some credit for how she kept me hooked and how much I wanted to know who did it and I will totally give her that, but I know that I am not the only person who thinks this book is a little freaky!

Over all, I don’t like this book. I tend to not like dreary books and this fits that description perfectly. One scene I especially hated was the ending; I don’t want to spoil the book for you, but don’t have very high expectations. Throughout this book, my initial reaction was to either be disgusted or to want to scream and tear this book into a million tiny pieces. I feel this way whenever I read about deaths or about creepy images that the author creates in my mind. At least then I would have something happy – confetti!

The question I am supposed to answer in this paragraph is: Would you recommend this book to others? I have two answers. If you are already thinking against it, and you don’t like moody/creepy/scary stories then go with your instinct and go think about something happy.  I suggest unicorns or puppies. Hopefully, you will forget all about this book. My second answer is to read it.  I’m only saying this if, and only if, you are looking for something challenging and mysterious – and for those people who LOVE a mystery that keeps them guessing. The age category that I would put this into would be 11+, because the author occasionally uses words that I am not allowed to repeat. So, if you need a happy book, find a different story to read. But, if you love mysteries, thrillers, and shock, then this book will be great for you.