Review of:  The Giver, by Lois Lowry the giver

Reviewed by: Bella

Fear, pain, and war are all things that occurred in the old world.  The old world is obscure to the people who live in the futuristic communities.  Twelve-year old Jonas wants to change that.  In this community everything is perfect.  Your children, job and spouse are all chosen for you.  People in the community are blinded by everything the old world was.  When you become twelve, there is an event that takes place called the Ceremony of the Twelves; at the ceremony of the twelves you get your job  which you will be trained for.  Everyone gets the job chosen by the elders  whether they like it or not.  When it is the day of the ceremony for Jonas, everyone’s name gets called and everybody gets their jobs.  Except him.  The job that Jonas is required will cause danger and adventure beyond imagine.  Will Jonas ever cope with the things that his job put upon him?

I have read many futuristic book, but The Giver is one of my favorites.  Sometimes the suspense in this book almost kills you.  One of my favorite things is that Jonas stays strong for what he believes in.  Jonas believes that there is more to the world than just the communities.  He shows determination even when no one else believes in him.  Another one of my favorite things is that Jonas is a rebel.  He rebels against the people that care about him.  I favored this because his curiosity turns into adventure, which turned into mystery for people who were around him.  No matter what it takes to achieve his goal, Jonas will do it.   The Giver is a must read.

I recommend The Giver to middle school students.  Both boys and girls will enjoy this novel.  If you enjoy futuristic adventure books, this will become one of your favorites.  This novel displays determination, defiance, and rebellion.  Jonas is rebelling against his community to go across the memory boundary to get to the old world.  His rebellion and defiance is not bad, it shows determination.