REVIEW OF:  Across Five Aprils, by Irene Hunt

Reviewed by:  Lucas

Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt was  This novel is about a boy named Jethro who lived during the Civil War. His brothers go to war, but one of them, named is Bill joins the Confederate army.  Bill makes Jethro’s neighbors hate his family because he was a Confederate. During the five year war, his life falls apart.  He has to make tough decisions to help his family and become a man. Jethro had to take over the farm for his father was too old. Jethro’s mean neighbors burned down their barn, so their kind neighbors helped build them a new one. Then his life changed more when his friend ran from the war and Jethro had to send the president a letter asking if Ed could go back to the war. Those are just a few parts of the book.

I did not like this book, it was very boring.  The most exciting part was a terrible event. It was was when someone sets Jethro’s family’s barn on fire. It was a terrible event because the antagonists set the main character’s barn on fire. I thought he would join the army like R.J. from Red Cap by lying, to help his family. The on the other hand, it was interesting to see what people did out of the army. It was also neat how everyone

I would not recommend this book because it was very uneventful, the two biggest events where the burning barn, and when he went to town. I thought the author did a good job telling the story if you were not in the war, though.