Review of:  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain

Reviewed by:  Jackson

Have you ever witnessed a murder, found a buried treasure, or been a pirate?  Tom Sawyer has!  In the novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, Tom and Huck are roaming around the cemetery, and they see Injun Joe (a person in the town that everybody keeps their distance from) murder someone.  Muff Potter takes the blame and goes to jail. During Muff Potter’s trial Tom tells the the judge that Injun Joe is the murderer in front of everybody including Injun Joe.  Then Tom takes Becky Thatcher into a cave to get away from Injun Joe, only to see Injun Joe in the cave and then get lost when they try to get away.  Will Tom and Becky find their way out or will Injun Joe get Tom.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was a pleasing book.  The thing I liked about the novel is there were some pretty funny parts.  For example, when Tom Sawyer feeds pain killer to a cat, the cat starts bounding off the walls.  The thing I didn’t was like the southern dialect because I would read a word that I couldn’t understand, and it would mess up the whole sentence. Overall it was satisfying.

I wish everybody could read this , but sadly there are a couple things that are bad.  I would recommend this book for ages 10-15 because there is a murder and there are relationships.  Also Tom and Huck talk about ghosts and demons and the dialect is tough to understand.