I’m reading the book Elijah of Buxton.  Buxton, where Elijah lives, is a town for escaped slaves.  In this town a man named Mr. Leroy works all day and some of the night doing jobs for others.  He is very persistent and seems very determined at what ever job he’s doing.  If I could ask Mr. Leroy three things, I would first ask him why he does all of this work; he must be loaded with money from all of the different jobs he does.  Second, I would ask Mr. Leroy what drives him on.  I mean, he isn’t living the most comfortable life, waking up early in the morning (I mean like 5:00 for you late risers) and then going to sleep late at night (12:00).  Lastly, I would ask Mr. Leroy if he had any family.  He lives alone so if he does have family, I bet they’re caught up in the spreading disease of slavery.  I hope that if Mr. Leroy has any family, that they get home soon and that the town of Buxton keeps on growing.

P.S. Maybe he should also lighten up on his work.