Review of: The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells

Reviewed By: Caleb

 What is it like in the future? In The Time Machineby H.G. Wells, one man invents a machine in order to find out. He is called the Time Traveler, and is a little eccentric. When he tests the time machine, he travels to the yer 802,700! At this time, the Earth is a utopia and inhabited by human-like creatures called the Eloi who act like children. He is able to make friends with one of them, named Weena. Then, as the Time Traveler goes to his machine, he discovers it’s gone! Now, he, along with his new Eloi friend Weena must find the machine so the Time Traveler can get home. Will he be stuck in the far future forever? Or will he find his machine?

In my opinion, this book was wonderful. I liked the description, like when the Time Traveler was described after his voyage. It had very nice detail. If someone mentioned the title of this novel, time travel would pop into my head because the book is about a time travel voyage. The story made me feel suspense, because there were a lot of exciting parts where I ended reading, and I kept asking myself what would happen next.  I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

I would recommend this book to science nerds 12 and up because it has a lot of elaborate words and science references. Also, If anyone likes excitement or danger, this book is for you. Again, if you love science or excitement, read this book and all of H.G. Wells’ other works.