REVIEW OF:  Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

Reviewed by:  Colin

Brian from the novel Hatchet is a very brave and adventurous 12-year old boy.  He is stranded in the Canadian wilderness and needs to survive.  He was trying to visit his dad in a small plane when the pilot had a heart attack and the plane crashed.  You might say it wouldn’t be hard for him to survive because he has the survival pack from the plane, but the plane crashed in a lake so he could not get the survival pack. Everything in nature seems to be against Brian – everything from slippery fish to raging tornadoes.  Brian also needs to figure out how to find food and then cook it. Will Brian learn to adapt to nature or will he die?

I enjoyed the novel Hatchet because of all the twists and turns. For example, when Brian runs into the bear, you think the bear will attack him, but it doesn’t. I also like the book because there are a lot of cliff hangers.  When the pilot has a heart attack, you are itching to read the next page. I thought the novel Hatchet was very exciting.

I would recommend Hatchet to ages 10-12 because it is a pretty easy classic, however there are a few gruesome scenes so that is why I say ages 10-12. I think the novel Hatchet is a must read.