If you like novels about people who try to stay alive in the wilderness battling the odds of living (which is about 1%), tornadoes, and violent animals then you’ll like Hatchet. In Hatchet  by Gary Paulsen, there is a 13-year old kid named Brian who has divorced parents and a burdened soul.  Brian is also a smart city boy who is angry with his mother.  In this novel, Brian is in a place crash in the Canadian wilderness.  He must survive with only a hatchet!  Along the way, Brian starts to mature and learns to believe even if everything is against him.

This book gave me delight and enjoyment. The author’s voice was extraordinary; he uses the thoughts of the character. This book was also exciting because of all of his challenges that he has to face. Gary Paulsen is a talented author.

I would recommend this to anyone 9 and up.  I would recommend it because it is a spectacular  book, yet is has some violence so it is not a good novel for young readers.  This is one of my favorite novels.