REVIEW OF:  Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen

Reviewed by:  Jalen

Mayday!  Crash!  ALONE.  Brian from the novel  Hatchet is very weak in tough situations.  He was flying in a Cessna plane to see his father since his parents were divorced.  Suddenly, the pilot has a heart attack and dies.  Brian has to land the plane; the plane hits the steel wall of water and starts to sink into a lake.  He manages to escape with very few items other than his hatchet.  He learns to survive from the mistakes he has made. One mistake he made was when he left his food on the ground so a skunk stole it.  While Brian was trying to survive, he learned to build a shelter, how to hunt, and how to catch fish.  Will his skills help him survive?

The book Hatchet was amazing  like that nature attacks him so much.  Two examples of this are a moose runs over him.  There also is a porcupine that launches his quills at Brian’s leg. .One part of the book I don’t like is he always stays near his shelter.   I hope others will read Hatchet. I want to read the sequels because the the first book leaves you on a cliffhanger.

I recommend this book because there is action and it is a tad gross at times.  It seems like you’re in Brian’s thoughts throughout the book.  The age I would recommend is 10-14 years old.  Brian is 13 in the novel so older children can relate to him and make many connections and know how he is feeling. I hope you will read this extraordinary novel.