A Long Way From Chicago, by Richard Peck, is very humorous, but also has some very sinful characters. The only reason I dislike some of the characters is because they drink, do not follow God’s commandments, and they fib a ton. Grandma Dowdel is hilarious; she is always telling “whoppers” and she has her shotgun on hand all the time. Grandma Dowdell acts as tough and bold as a crocodile. An example is when she scares off the toughest, strongest, and tallest gang of brothers in town with just her large mouth. Another reason I like Grandma is because she gives others what they want, but she still gets what she desires.  One time she tells news reporters (and makes them believe) that the dead man in her living room has come back to life!  She got what she wanted though, because she wanted the news reporters to leave her house.  As you can see, this novel is full of humor!