Review of:  Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis

By: Nicole

Thousands of years after High King Peter, Queen Susan, King Edmund and Queen Lucy ruled at Cair Paravel, a selfish man who seizes power rules Narnia by the name of Miraz. He unfairly took the throne after killing his brother. In that time, animals and trees of Narnia couldn’t talk anymore.  They all either left or forgot how to speak because of Miraz; the animals and creatures of Narnia disliked the king, but they were afraid to face him. King Miraz’s nephew, loyal and brave Prince Caspian, is the rightful heir to the throne because of his father. However, once Miraz’s wife has a son, Miraz seeks to kill Caspian.  Prince Caspian runs away and finds himself teaming up with Narnians that are outcasts and that he didn’t think existed.  The Narnians and Caspian declare war against King Miraz and they fight with all they have against him for their freedom, but as the days go by, Prince Caspian loses hope.  Caspian had been given a horn that was thought to have been Queen Susan’s so he blows it; the Pevensies are then brought back to Narnia. The children make a journey to battle the king but when they get lost, Aslan has to help and the children have to learn to trust Aslan once again. Can Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy defeat Miraz or will the Narnians live under the dreadful rule of Miraz and his descendants for all of eternity

loved that Aslan teaches the children lessons and helps them when the time is right.  I think of the love of Aslan when I think of Prince Caspian because Aslan is like Jesus.  The author wrote with humor and the characters were very brave.  I also loved that the book has symbolism and that you can learn from what the children have to  go through. If they lie and have a bad consequence,  you are learning that being truthful is better.  I really enjoyed this book and I thought it showed great strength and bravery.

I would recommend this book to 10-12 year olds.  Both girls and boys would enjoy it.  The book is easier to read but it is hard to understand hard words and dig deep about Christ.  I also think people could learn life lessons with this book.  There is a lot to learn about bravery and loyalty.