REVIEW OF:  The Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame

Reviewed by:  Luke

The Wind In The Willows by Kenneth Grahame is a thrillingly exciting book that distracted me from everything but itself.  Rat, Toad, Mole, and, Badger are the funny, outgoing, characters in this story. Sometimes they aren’t the most honest, but they will always stay friends, and help each other no matter what. They all want to to get Toad Hall back, but the fiend’s that took it over will not give it up. They even tried to shoot Toad when he tried to see what was happening in Toad Hall.  I never wanted to put this novel down, especially because of scenes like these:  Rat and Toad’s cart broke down and Rat told Toad to fix it, but instead Toad bought a fancy motor-car; also, Toad was arrested and when he was in jail, Toad Hall was taken over! It’s great to find out if he will take it back or not; and if they do, how do they take back their beloved Toad Hall.

I really enjoyed this humorous, adventurous, and crazy book. I was really surprised that i liked this book because the cover looked kiddish.  I really enjoyed getting to know the Water Rat because he is brave, humorous, funny, and gallant. Rat goes into the Wild Wood, and he knows it’s dangerous, but he keeps on going, looking for his friend. Luckily he carries two pistols around for safety. I didn’t like when Toad was a selfish, lazy liar because he was told to fix a broken cart, but instead he bought a snazzy motorcar. But I think this is a wonderful, off the hook, and fun book to read. If anyone disagrees that means they don’t know what a good book is.

This would be a good book for kids that are around 10 years old and up because there is a little bit of language, and there are some hard and perplexing vocabulary words. I also think anyone that is 10 years or older ought to read it because this is a book that is for all who love reading and enjoy some funny, and creative characters.