REVIEW OF:  Peak, by Roland Smith

Reviewed by:  Claire

Climbing a mountain is a giant feat.  To a young, intelligent, and curious, Peak Wood, climbing a mountain is not out of the ordinary.  After he decides to climb a skyscraper in New York City and gets arrested, he discovers that maybe his dad cares about him.  He felt that he had no connection to his dad after his parents got a divorce. He loved  him but he was worried about whether his dad loved him back.  Peak is then flown to live with his dad, but his father has other plans.  Josh Wood, Peak’s dad, decides to take Peak on a trip up to Mt. Everest.  On the top of the humongous mountain, Peak learns about friendship, destiny, and leadership. But most of all, Peak learned more about his father.  I guess you could say that Peak didn’t know his dad at all, because they lived in completely different areas. I think Peak thought he would always enjoy and have fun with his dad, but there is so much more to him than that.

Overall, this book was well written and is thrillingly exciting.  But, I truly disliked the ending.  It almost spoiled the entire book for me.  One scene that was appealing to me was when Peak was up at camp 5.  It amazed me, not only because of how well the author describes it but also how it made me feel that I was up there with Peak.  How amazing is climbing the tallest mountain in the world?  That is a once in a lifetime accomplishment. I also liked when Peak was in court.  I loved how much he wanted freedom but was still willing to take his punishment.

I think this book would be great for any reader older than 9.  The only reason I say this is because sometimes some of the characters can be immature because Peak is a teenage boy. I believe that anyone will be just as inspired as I was from this book, even adults. I learned about trust, hope, and the willingness to take what you are given even when it is hard.