the horse and his boyREVIEW OF:  The Horse and His Boy, by C.S. Lewis

Reviewed by:  Jake

Two talking horses, two children, plus a mad prince equal disaster. In The Horse and His Boy, Shasta, a young boy from Calormen, leaves his father because he wants to sell Shasta into slavery so he escapes on a talking horse named Bree.   Shasta meets a young girl named Aravis; they find out that a psychopathic prince named Rabadash is going to go on a rampage to attack Narnia and they must stop him.  On this journey, Shasta learns more about himself than you might think; like him probably having royal blood.   Shasta and Aravis must stop Prince Rabadash before they are too late.

I detested this novel.  I despised it because there were almost no scenes that included violence.  It was mostly about relationships.  I thought this was basically 224 pages of “kill me now.”   There was only one battle scene and only one twist (which I did like).  Besides that, the novel was slow and didn’t have enough events to move the plot.  Every single time I read it, I almost fell asleep; I would rather be attacked by a swarm of hornets than read this book again!

I would not recommend this book.  However, some might enjoy it if they like to read about relationships.  This is my least favorite book in the Chronicles of Narnia series.