REVIEW OF:  The Westing Game, by Ellen Raskin

Reviewed by:  Jalen

Solve the mystery and become a millionaire!  If one of the 16 heirs of Sam Westing solves his murder, they get $200,000,000.   Mr. Westing is dead, dead as a door nail.  He sent a letter to 16 different people in the Sunset Apartment Building. The letter said, “as a named beneficiary in the estate Samuel W. Westing, your attendance is required in the south library tomorrow at 4 P. M. for the reading of the will.”  Mr. Westing’s will is very odd.  The will is a game!  The will said each of the 16 people in the room are heirs of Samuel Westing.  One of the main characters and heirs is Turtle Wexler, a 13-year old girl who is very smart, but also rude and annoying. Turtle is like the investigator of the whole story.  All  16 heirs try to share their clues, but some are as stubborn as a boulder that won’t budge.  Canyou figure out who wins $200,000,000?

I thought this novel was marvelous. I loved how at the end, the unexpected happens. I also loved that Turtle always is getting herself in trouble. You never know if Mr. Westing is alive, and I thought it was suspenseful.  One part that irritated me is at the end it throws a huge twist that did not make sense to me.

I would highly recommend this book.  I would say this reading level is about 11 to 14 because the main character is 13, so you can relate how Turtle is feeling.  The humor is also about 11 to 14 and there are comments and jokes that would not make sense to younger children.  You will learn in this book how important it is to have patience.  As a  reader learn, you will learn patience, and your parents are not kidding when they say you will be rewarded for patience!