When I first read about Peak Wood I thought he was a troublemaker, no one expected Peak to have a biblical connection.  As I have gotten further into the book Peak by Roland Smith, I have discovered that he is so much more than that. I love how Peak shows perseverance in climbing Mt. Everest. Perseverance is a trait that many people lack. Peak does not lack this. I also liked how he prays in tough times. Every time he is having trouble climbing he thinks ”step, jumar, think, look up, think again, step, rest, rest, rest, hug the wall, PRAY….”. I honestly think Peak completely changed page by page. One page he is not following rules and in the next he seems like an angel sent by God.  He literally created trouble with his dad on one page and on the  next page he is following every direction he is given right after he is told to do it. He is never giving up. He keeps climbing. He never stops. This is a true biblical character trait and gives me the feeling that he is a believer of Christ. If I was climbing Mt. Everest with Peak I would respect and look up to him.