This book has some characters that have a connection to people from the Bible but… they aren’t always good. Toad from The Wind In The Willows can be a little selfish sometimes. You can also say a liar too. Toad and Rat’s cart broke down and they needed it fixed, so Rat told Toad to go fix it and he said he would. Then the next day Rat found out that Toad had bought a motor-car. I think he was selfish because he did what thought was best for him, lazy because he didn’t fix the cart, and a liar, because he said he would fix the cart but instead he bought a motor-car. I think it’s wrong because God says being selfish, lazy, and a lair is not following and obeying his word. Instead we should care for others, put other’s needs in front of ours, and tell the truth even when we don’t want to. I think we should all be followers of God even in the tough times, and in times that we want to do things the easy way. I think none in the world should be like Toad, but be like the people God wants us to be.