If I could choose to go anywhere in my novel, The Westing Game, I would go to the Westing House, and I’d take Turtle as a tour guide.  Turtle would not make the trip better since she is stubborn, rude, and kicks others in the shins.  But I would take her because I want to prove that she is not as tough as she thinks she is.  I would want to see her as petrified as a deer in headlights.  As soon as we are upstairs, I would scour the colorful rug looking for Mr. Westing’s body.  I am pretty sure there would be a horrible scream coming from Turtle!  I would feel like a kid in a candy shop because there are probably priceless things which I would sell for toy money!  It would be hysterical since Turtle would look like she just saw Chucky from a horror movie, but I’d come out like I just won the lottery!