If you were to enter your book and explore any place with any character, where would you go, and with whom? I know where I would definitely go. I am currently reading The Mysterious Benedict Society and there is this house, a rather large and mysterious house, where the characters are all currently living. Inside this house there are many unusual things that I have never seen in a house before, so naturally, I want to go there. If I were to have any character guide me throughout the manor, I would definitely choose Kate Weatherall, or, as she would like to be called, The Great Kate Weather Machine. I would chose her because she has a hilarious personality and she has this bucket that that she carries around everywhere. On the inside of this bucket of hers she has many strange but useful implements. Once I am inside the house I would try to find my way through the maze and then read in the magnificent library. Although this is just a fantasy of mine, I truly believe that exploring the Benedict House with Kate would be quite an adventure.