Have you ever chased down a bird in an automobile no bigger than a sneaker? Stuart Little, an adventurous, 3-inch tall mouse, chases one from New York to Ames to who knows where in that kind of vehicle! In the novel Stuart Little by E.B. White, Stuart ventures north to find a friend. Stuart also “teaches” school and meets a pretty little lady. I am not joking when I say “little lady” – the girl is literally smaller than him. Stuart also steers a boat in a pond, gets thrown into a garbage truck, and sleeps in a cigarette box, but will he ever find Margalo?

I loved how Stuart “taught” school.  My favorite quote was “Bother arithmetic!  Let’s just skip it!”  I enjoyed this novel but I didn’t like the reason Margalo the bird left in the first place.  This novel made me feel curious about what would happen next at the end of each chapter.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who is 8 and up.  It is a heart-warming story for everyone.  It has some difficult vocabulary, but it is still a story that kids in 3rd grade and up would enjoy!