I have been reading Prince Caspian for a few weeks and I love the book.  I have been making pictures in my mind of Narnia but I would love to actually go there.  If I could, I would love to visit Cair Paravel because it is where the Sons and Daughters of Adam live, and the author describes it beautifully.  I would have so much fun if Lucy was my official tour guide.  Due to the fact that Lucy is sweet, always happy, and a “glass half full” person (or in other words, optimistic), I would choose her as my guide.  I would immediately look for Aslan first at Cair Paravel because he is amazing and Christ-like.   I’m sure I would hear the mermaids singing in the sparkling ocean, see the dolphins splashing and playing in the water as well as the trees and animals talking and enjoying themselves.  The whole adventure would make me feel excited about what would happen next; being in Cair Paravel with Lucy would make me feel alive.  That would be the best tour ever.