REVIEW OF: The Calder Game, by Blue Balliett

Reviewed by: Caleb

   I have just read The Calder Game, by Blue Balliett. In this novel, Calder Pillay, a boy who likes pentominoes, goes on a trip with his dad to the small hamlet of Woodstock, England. There, Calder discovers an interesting sculpture by Alexander Calder, his namesake, in the town square. He soon finds the town has a hostility to the sculpture. Then, one night, Calder vanishes along with the Calder sculpture called the Minotaur! Now, Calder’s friends Tommy and Petra have to find him, and unintentionally begin the Calder game, a game full of puzzles and mystery. Want to know what happens? Explore this book to find out.

   This book was very good. I especially liked the suspense, like when it described Calder’s situation at the time. There wasn’t anything I disliked, except for sometimes the action is a little slow. This book made me feel curious, because of the cliffhangers. I was always wondering what would happen next.

   I would recommend this book to ages 11 and up, because the story can be slow and some parts include math and puzzles, which younger kids wouldn’t understand. I hope a lot of people read this book, and then check out the other books in the series.