holes Review of:  HOLES by Louis Sachar

Reviewed by:  Colin Heniff

In the novel Holes by Louis Sachar, Stanley Yelnats is a teenage boy who was punished for a crime he didn’t commit.  For his punishment, he was sent to Camp Green Lake, a reform camp.  Stanley finds out there might be buried treasure in the dried up lake.  Stanley’s only friend is Zero; they face many dangers together.  One of Stanley’s main problems is one of the counselors, Mr. Sir, who is very mean and stern.

I loved Holes.  Whenever I started reading it, I could not stop.  My favorite thing about Holes is the mystery and the cliffhangers.

People who like mystery and cliffhangers will enjoy this book.  I recommend it for ages 9-12 because there is a little violence, but it is an easier book than it seems.