Mrs. Herr asked the students to write a blog post to express how they feel about being required to keep journals as they read their novels.  Here are Claire’s thoughts…

Journals are very helpful and useful. But, sometimes they are a hassle to do. Although they are important to a good understanding of what is happening in your book, I think not having to journal for every chapter would help me. Right now, it is constant work over a four page chapter that is not significant to the storyline. My book; Double Identity by Margaret Peterson Haddix, has short chapters. Many of these chapters do not have a “major conflict” in them. Some chapters are all Bethany’s thoughts. I like the idea of journaling, it helps me to really know what is happening and why.

In my opinion, journaling is tons of work. One thing that I don’t like about journaling is that you have to bring your journal everywhere. I can’t just bring a book, I also have to bring my folder and a pencil. Though it is helpful, I am against journaling for every chapter.

Excellent points Claire!  I agree that journaling about extremely small chapters is cumbersome and unnecessary.  Go ahead and try doing 3-4 chapters at a time.  I love that you can recognize the chapters that are not significant to the story or the conflict!  Well done!  ~Mrs. Herr