Review of: Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech


Reviewed by:  Mrs. Herr

Beautiful, deep, bittersweet… these are the adjectives that come to mind when thinking back over this lovely novel.  Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech is the story of thirteen year old Salamanca Tree Hiddle whose life is turned upside down when her mother leaves home.  As a result, she and her father move to a new state. Sal’s story unfolds while she is on a journey across the country with her grandparents to find her mother in Idaho.  During their travels, Sal tells her grandparents the story of her friend Pheobe which includes a mysterious stranger who leaves words of wisdom at Pheobe’s doorstep, mistrust of the woman her father has befriended, and the crisis in Phoebe’s life that oddly mirrors her own crisis.

Sharon Creech writes in a deep and thoughtful manner, intertwining the story of Sal’s present journey with stories of the past in a lovely and subtle way.  This novel was a pleasure to read; you learn things a bit at a time and if you are careful, you can pick up the small clues and foreshadowing of events throughout the novel.  I relished in the sweetness of the relationships, the bittersweet lessons learned, and the growth of the characters.

I highly recommend this book to ages 11 and up.  I don’t recommend for kids younger than 6th grade only because the themes are deep and it is a mature story.  There is a small love interest also (a few kisses), but it is sweet in nature  and serves to help the main character in her growth.  As a Christian, I am bothered by the nature of her “prayers” in the novel; however, I believe that this springs from the Native American background of the main character’s family.  This novel isn’t advocating any certain religion and it is important as a reader to understand that sometimes characters will do things you disagree with; it isn’t a large factor in the story and doesn’t detract from the many positive things contained in this work.  Therefore, my hope is that  many, many young people will read this novel and enjoy it for the sweet and beautiful story that it tells.