Reviewed by:  Will                               image

In this adventurous book, Elephant Run, the main character Nick has traveled everywhere and finally returns home to Burma, India.  Although he enjoys his homecoming, his timing is off.  He has come home to a full-fledged war.  Only one week after he returns, the country is swarming with Japanese.  From then on, everything goes wrong.  Nick’s father is taken to a gruesome labor camp, many villagers are killed and Nick himself is made a servant.  Nick must overcome the detestable pain of many beatings and save his father before it is too late!

I loved this book for many reasons.  First, the suspense of the situations is almost unbearable.  Second, I liked that I got to learn about World War II while reading such a prodigious book.  Finally, I loved the lifestyle of the villagers.

I would recommend this book to ages 11 and up.  There are some gruesome scenes which could disturb younger readers.  Considering all of the ups and downs, I think Elephant Run by Roland Smith is an awe-inspiring novel!