wonderREVIEW OF: WONDER by R.J. Palacio

reviewed by: Nicole

Wonder is a magnificent book that is full of laughter, learning, and seriousness. August, who is eleven years old, finally goes to school. He lives in Massachusetts and goes to Beecher Prep. August is full of different emotions about this new life. He has a rough time because of what people might say about his deformed face. Even though people would not touch him or communicate with him, August never hated them. Julian is probably the trickiest person to love. Julian makes comical jokes about August’s face and the way he acts, and Julian also makes sure August has no friends. Multiple times people are tested to be friends with August or be like the crowd.  August already is a like a chick in a group of roosters, and he accepts that he doesn’t look like others, but will his classmates ever accept him?

This book is filled with wonderful times when August stands out but he doesn’t get mad at people who bully him.  I think that nobody should ever be treated the way August was treated by bullies at school.  I always felt bad for August because people stared continuously and his face condition – a condition which only 1 in 4 million people get.  Overall, I admired August’s strength, patience and understanding.

This book would be enjoyed mainly by middle school students because they would know how hard it is with friends sometimes.  Fifth grade students may also be able to understand what he goes through. Both boys and girls would love Wonder and enjoy August’s tale.