The way Myrlie acted in Double Identity, by Margaret Peterson Haddix, annoyed me. She would not tell Bethany who Elizabeth was or is. I have had friends not tell me something, but Myrlie is going too far. I think it is disrespectful not to answer a guest’s question. Would you like to be ignored by your hostess? I sure wouldn’t! I bet I would walk out, but in Bethany’s situation that would be impossible because there is nowhere to go! Myrlie made me so mad. Bethany tried so hard to be nice and brave but I think I would have a nervous breakdown. I was surprised by how Bethany stayed calm and didn’t pry. How annoying! I feel so bad for Bethany. She doesn’t really know where she is or why and Myrlie still chooses to not answer Bethany’s questions. Myrlie would make me furious!