Reviewed by: Graham

Gregor the Overlander is about a boy named Gregor. He is 11 years old, and has a 2 year old sister named Boots, and they live in New York City. One day Boots tumbles into a grate in their laundry room and Gregor goes with her. He ends in a place called the Underland, and he doesn’t want to be there. His mom is going to be very depressed, because they already lost their dad, and she can’t afford to lose two more people in her family. The king of the Underland, Vikus, tells Gregor “The Prophecy of Gray.” It says that there will be a warrior who will save the humans of the Underland, and defeat the mighty rats. “I believe he is already here,” Vikus said talking to Gregor. Vikus is saying that Gregor is the chosen one. It also explains that there will be 12 people who go on the quest and 4 of them will die. Gregor realizes that his dad has been in the Underland the whole time and that he was captured by the mighty and strong rats. Gregor wants him badly. Is Gregor going to find his dad, or will he be one of the ones who dies?

I enjoyed this book very much. It was adventurous, mysterious, and suspenseful. There is actually four other books in this series, and I think they will be just as good as this one. I’m very excited to read the next one. This book made me feel like as was right along with Gregor.

I recommend boys ages 10 and up, because there is humongous bugs, such as cockroaches, bats, spiders, and rats. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.