Blogs are a very useful tool for locating information. Blogs are a way to actually get a real person’s input and thoughts on some topics you might need help on. People tend to blog when they get great ideas. Such as, someone might find a more fun or more interesting way to teach, so to share that new idea they might put it in blog. Blogs are a very helpful research tool. Instead of looking on google and not fully comprehending for sure if something’s true, you can look on someone else’s blog and see the best working way, that is true, to do what you wanted to look up. People will blog for many reasons. One reason is that they have a class and they want to share things they did or activities they will do. Blogging is very fun, but there are always some precautions you must be aware of. You should never put any personal information on your blog, such as your last name, phone number, address, or your social security number. I strongly feel that our blog will help people find books to read and it will help people to learn the best way  to write a review. I hope you enjoy our blog!