Week 2 of this blogging adventure is coming to a close with my students.  One of the highlights of every day for me is having these kids come to my tiny little room, squeeze around one table and two desks, and dive in… 45 minutes at a time.  What did we do with our 45 minutes each day this week?

  • Used the laptop cart for the first time and got onto the blog sight!
  • Wrote bios for our “pages” and then learned the difference between a page and a post.  At least I hope we “learned” it!  I’m sure it’ll take more than one discussion to get the hang of this.
  • Talked again about the dreaded journals (more on that later) that need to be done along with the reading.
  • Discussed and discovered what constitutes a “good” book review.
  • Read some student-written reviews to see examples of what we will be producing.
  • And finally… the students themselves started typing their bios into the site.  Only got four done today, but still!  Progress!

Yes, folks, I am blessed.  This is going to be a grand adventure.